Pattern giveaway – the winners!

Hello everyone, I do apologize for taking such a long time to organize the giveway. In order to compensate for this delay I thought it might be a good idea to have not one winner but three winners!

You three expressed interest in a particular pattern and I believe it is fair to send each of you three patterns (including the one you wanted) so that you may host your own giveway in your blog:

  • CarmencitaB – the McCall skirt
  • Rosy – the Vogue dress
  • WendyP – the Simplicity blouse

Congratulations girls! I will be sending an e-mail to you regards the shipping of the patterns.


2 thoughts on “Pattern giveaway – the winners!

  1. Gracias por este hermoso premio , mi querida Rosángela, tienes que saber que me has hecho muy feliz… ahora tienes que informarme si yo recogo alguna condición al tomar el patrón… prometo seguir las instrucciones que me envies… un beso grande y gracias otra vez por este hermoso regalo.

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